It Is Legal to Watch Movies on 123Movies and Similar Platforms?

Millions of people worldwide visit 123Movies daily to enjoy all sorts of films, TV series, etc. Far from all even think about how legal it is. However, there is a huge risk of using the site. Let’s discuss which troubles it can bring and how to prevent some of them.

The safety aspect

Firstly, you need to understand that everyone makes money online. Even if you stream movies for free, the website needs to make money somehow to maintain the site, servers, etc. That’s why such websites as 123Movies are full of ads and pop-up windows. Most of them lead to suspicious sites and are infected with malware, viruses, etc. If you a careful, you can prevent that from getting to your PC. At first, you need to get ad-blocking extensions. They’ll minimize the number of ads you see. Secondly, you need to get the best antivirus to deal with the rest of the threats.

How legal it is to use 123Movies?

By streaming films on 123Movies, you break the copyright laws. So, it’s quite clear now that it’s illegal, at least in most countries. 123Movies delivers pirated films and series and you can decide if you wish to stream them. However, you can avoid getting caught by using a reliable VPN. It has plenty of advantages and secures your online activities. You’ll hide your IP address lest the activities could be traced back to you. Moreover, you’ll be able to unblock websites which are restricted in your region by connecting to the servers from other countries.