Is it legal to use 123movies?

Many online users want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies online for free, and 123movies is a platform where you can do that. But many of them are concerned as to whether it’s actually legal to access site like this. The answer is that if you stream movies that are already in the public domain, it’s completely safe and legal.

In some countries, authorities go as far as blocking 123movies sites. Don’t lose your heart, you can still access these sites even with such restrictions in place.

What to do if your country considers 123movies sites illegal and blocks them?

The answer is that you need to hook up to a VPN service. There’s dozens of good options on the market, each of which looks to cater for a specific target audience.

For good VPN-enabled streaming, you need to make sure that a VPN delivers sufficiently high downloading speed so that you don’t find yourself in the “buffering hell” with the video halting every two seconds. The level of anonymization also matters, because if it’s not done correctly, you’ll still see 123movies sites as blocked. In this case, just try out another service.

Doing these three things, you’ll stay safe when watching free TV shows and flicks on 123movies.